Quality Control starts with yarn quality and its strength units of CLSP to the international standard.

After satisfactory with the yarn quality it goes to the process of warping & Sizing where we check practically the yarn quality and the sizing beams for the best quality of weaving according to the requirement
Weaving Quality maintains on the loom to control and balance the weight, size, design, and pile height to meet the customer requirement.

After success with best quality of weaving we enter into the process of dying & Finishing through the latest and modern dying & finishing machineries such as Pad batch Bleaching, soft flow both high temperature - pressure hydro, extractor, dryer (steam heated),tumbler dryer etc where we control the absorbency time, shrinking, all dimension (Length & Width),Weight & Finishing. In all the above process our first Precaution is to use the best quality of dyes & Chemicals which should not be Harmful for the human being, so to care for this we use all German & Swiss made Dyes and Chemicals from well known manufacturers.

Finally, the Towel come to our stitch department where we finally check each and every piece from all aspects to fulfill our commitment with our customer and to achieve this position we have setup a complete unit of cutting, Longitudinal & cross hemming, labeling, folding & packing with full automation computerized technology.

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